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Reiki Healing Hobart Tasmania
I received Reiki from a Reiki Master who was attuned through the Usui Reiki Tradition. I am an Independent Reiki Master who gives Reiki Healing light and attunes those who wish to learn Reiki.

Reiki is a deeply healing light, a natural spiritual energy for healing ...

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Regular Shiatsu helps athletes maintain or improve range of motion and muscle flexibility.

Acupressure Shiatsu Massage & pulse diagnosis are healing for Sports injuries, strains. Tsubos are mainly magnetic points in the body, that accelerate healing when st...

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Culinary Medicine Cook For Life-Recover From Disease! Get the Support You Need to Heal!
Professional Hobart Chef offers private cooking classes for health complaints.

My aim is to get you cooking for yourself in a way that really engages you and heals you.

This is a private one on one cookin...

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Hobart Body Mind Massage. Fascia, Meridians & the Healing of the Body.

The biomagnetic circuits that kinesiologists and acupressure massage therapists heal the body with lie within the fascia and deeper! Using Shiatsu Kinesiology Meridian Massage Ruth assists muskuloskeletal stability, resistanc...

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Hobart Acupressure Whole Body Reflexology Massage to reduce inflammation and injury.

Pain and Chronic Stress Management (emotional/mental/environmental) for all joints, ligaments, tendons, for nerves, muscles and organs.
Get your nervous system functioning highly, which heals your immune syste...

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Gentle Therapeutic Touch for Healthy Children, Hobart Tasmania & Surrounds!

Heal all manner of joint issues, clear the ligaments and tendons, get the blood and lymph clean and healthy again.

Calm touch that cleans all the major meridians in the body. These amazing channels heal the body at the...

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Deep Tissue, Remedial & Shiatsu BACK CARE & Pain Management Program Hobart Tasmania

This Back Care Program takes 6 weeks depending upon your acute and chronic symptoms and diagnosis. Clear all chronic health through macrobiotic nutritional care, and a mix of kinesiology, manual massage therapy &...

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Find the Balance! Heal your Mind & Your Body! Shiatsu Acupressure Massage & Nutritional Consultations For Health. Manage Stress, Detox the Body!

Ruth Howard asserts that the benefits of combining Medicinal Remedial Shiatsu Massage Therapy with Nutritional Consultations, accelerates healing-


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4 months ago
Ruth is so passionate and knowledgable about her work. She uses a number of modalities for physical and spiritual healing and gives 100% of her attention to you. I found the session very relaxing and encouraging.
- Jessica S
3 months ago
Ruth is a caring and passionate massage therapist. She has treated me with insight and warmth so I fully recommend her as a massage therapist.
- Richard W
5 months ago
Ruth is a very intuitive healer who works on many levels of the body’s energy system to foster and nurture well-being. I found my first session (done online) very powerful and insightful, confirming things that I was already, on some level, aware of, and opening new areas of focus and awareness in how I can better take care of myself from now on.
- Alistair M

Feel Great! Text/Call Ruth 0448043652

Professional Award Winning Healing Diet Chef & Educator who facilitates private Cooking Classes & Holistic Treatments for Chronic Health Conditions, Pain & Injury. 

Ruth Howard is a natural therapist in Hobart Tasmania, who guides people suffering illness or pain to heal themselves higher through Shiatsu & Kinesiology treatments that clear the physiological and mental symptoms at the cause. In addition she guides you to heal yourself through higher nutrition, through mindful  eating &  cooking classes. 

Culinary medicine is a new evidence-based field in medicine that blends the art of food and cooking with the science of medicine. Bring your Doctor/Naturopath/Dietician's diagnosis and recovery Diet plan and together we can nut out the details of how to create the meals that sustain and heal you. 

  • Some eating patterns have been found to be as or more effective than prescription medication for some conditions: an anti-inflammatory eating pattern for rheumatoid arthritis4; a ketogenic diet for epilepsy5; a Mediterranean eating pattern for cardiovascular disease,6 advanced colon cancer,7 and type 2 diabetes.8 Several foods have been found to be as or more effective as well: legumes for cholesterol lowering9; soy nuts for systolic and diastolic hypertension10; tree nuts for metabolic syndrome11; baked and broiled fish for heart failure12; honey and milk for acute cough.13 For many patients, nutritious food is medicine.  

  • Research identifies chronic health conditions such as diabetes, crohns, SIBOS, food sensitivities, IBS, coronary artery disease, stroke, diabetes, colon cancer, and smoking-related cancers, diabetes, cataracts, macular degeneration, cholelithiasis, renal stones, dental disease, liver disorders and birth defects can be significantly healed through dietary intervention.

Ruth tailors private cooking classes for your medical diagnosis, based upon your medical practitioner's diet plan, be it a dietitian, naturopath or GP.

Together we will plan and cook a series of meals that you can cook at home to uplift, inspire, motivate, inform and transform your health!
Shiatsu Acupressure Massage deeply heals the body to allow you to let things go! 

Heal anxiety, depression, musculoskeletal imbalances, joint pain, thyroid, hormonal glandular, lymph, blood, eye, gum, gut, kidney, reproductive and heart disease, with Japanese Medicinal Massage & Energy Kinesiology! 

With thousands of years of Chinese and Japanese therapeutic research, Taoist Abdominal Massage and Zen Shiatsu Massage and Energy Kinesiology are effective medicinal treatments for mental health and chronic stress that leads to illness. 

The harmony you experience returns homeostasis clearing stress & illness! 

  • Japanese Shiatsu recognises that Chi/Ki is channeled along meridians, channels of bio electromagnetic light circuits that are paired like a magnet, in polarities, in yin & yang formation.

  • Along meridians are centres called acupressure points. Western science acknowledges the presence of electro magnetic energy in your body and that every cell in your body absorbs & emits light! 

  • An acupressure point (acupoint) is a small energy centre, in a tiny area of your skin that measures significantly lower electrical resistance than other areas of skin. 

  • These points have higher concentrations of receptors, sensitive to mechanical stimulation via tapping, massaging, holding, needling, moxa, or via distance by healing only whats required when you need it, sending electromagnetic signals to your body. 

  • When stimulated specific acupressure points send signals to areas of the brain associated with emotions including your glands.

Make an appointment to speak with Ruth obligation free today, ask any questions?  
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