Posted on Sep 26, 2020

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Regular Shiatsu helps athletes maintain or improve range of motion and muscle flexibility.

Acupressure Shiatsu Massage & pulse diagnosis are healing for Sports injuries, strains. Tsubos are mainly magnetic points in the body, that accelerate healing when stimulated by hand/finger pressure.

In Japanese Medicine, Tsubos are places where nerves end & the flow of ki, a spiritual light or life force within us, manifests as resilience & elasticity in tendons, ligaments, muscle fibres and blood, regulating functional activities of the body, including all organs.

If an injury is more severe, more blood vessels are broken & there may be structural damage, such as torn muscles and ligaments or broken
bones. The disruption of normal circulation is greater, & more ki & blood stagnate behind this larger dam. There is more swelling because there is greater stagnation of blood and fluids. The injured area is hotter to the touch as more ki accumulates, bringing with it more blood and
fluids. In a bad sprain there is usually visible bruising.

In Chinese medicine, the colour of a bruise can be an indicator of the
injury: a black/dark blue bruise indicates the injury is down to the bone
(Kidney/Water), a green bruise that it is in the sinews (Liver/Wood), and a
yellow/brown bruise in the muscles (Spleen/Earth).

Japanese 5 Element Theory diagnoses the feelings associated with the symptoms & heals them.
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