Posted on Sep 22, 2020

Ruth Howard Healing Diets Chef, Nutrition, Shiatsu, Kinesiology Hobart

Hobart Body Mind Massage. Fascia, Meridians & the Healing of the Body.

The biomagnetic circuits that kinesiologists and acupressure massage therapists heal the body with lie within the fascia and deeper! Using Shiatsu Kinesiology Meridian Massage Ruth assists muskuloskeletal stability, resistance, power, flexibility, elasticity resulting in greater posture, mobility, strength, health.
Conceptually meridians course through the myofascial layer of the body, sending branches to organs & glands.
Through manual manipulation Shiatsu and Kinesiology will

*Clear ligament, tendon joint injuries & pain and dysfunction
*Heal your spine
*Heal Gut
*Heal the Mind

Shiatsu, Massage, Bowen, Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Osteopathy all work within the musculoskeletal system, all recognise fascia as connective tissue that holds all else in place. Fascia are a primary communication network to clear & heal meridians, blood, joints, muscle, cells. Relieving postural complaints and injuries.

Recent literature describes the concept of "myofascial meridians" as anatomical pathways that transmit strain and movement through the body's muscle and fascia. Shiatsu Therapists work within this layer of the body, cleaning, healing, restoring homeostasis. Muscles affect tissues in the body through fascia lines, “meridians” of connective tissue structures. These consist of membranes and ligaments, both superficial & deep connective tissue, loose/ tight.
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