Posted on Sep 19, 2020

Ruth Howard Healing Diets Chef, Nutrition, Shiatsu, Kinesiology Hobart

Deep Tissue, Remedial & Shiatsu BACK CARE & Pain Management Program Hobart Tasmania

This Back Care Program takes 6 weeks depending upon your acute and chronic symptoms and diagnosis. Clear all chronic health through macrobiotic nutritional care, and a mix of kinesiology, manual massage therapy & acupressure massage back care and corrective exercises.

Did you know your spine is your brain? Your nervous system it is your priority to always function high! GET BACK ON TRACK?

These treatments are absolutely marvelous for clearing joint, ligament, tendon issues, bone, muscle, blood, nervous system, endocrine and lymph!

Shiatsu Acupressure Functional Therapy restores homeostasis in the body, it clears the deeper mental health causes of stress in the body mind. Through facial, hara and back and pulse diagnostic protocols, Ruth can discern where the joint is affected, which organs are down in energy, which meridians require balancing, which foods help correct the condition and which exercises will strengthen and heal the body.

Deep tissue/Remedial massage is also optional for strengthening the joints and muscles, circulating lymphs, blood and restoring function trough manual manipulation repair and relaxation.

Ask for what you'd prefer? The back & hara protocol will help me to find the cause of your imbalance. Bring any medical diagnosis or scans if you have them?

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